Avi Grinberg entwickelte geführte Sitzungen aus den folgenden Video-Aufnahmen in der Zeit des Covid-19 Lockdowns und stellte sie auf Facebook via Live-Übertragungen zur Verfügung. Durch diese Übungen der Körperaufmerksamkeit bekommst Du die Möglichkeit:

  • mit der aktuell herrschenden Situation besser zurecht zu kommen;
  • der eigenen und kollektiven Angst weniger schutzlos ausgesetzt zu sein;
  • grundsätzliches Wohlergehen für Körper, Geist und Seele zu generieren.

Falls Du bisher gar keine Berührung mit der körperorientierten Bewusstseinsarbeit hattest, könnten hier einige faszinierende Entdeckungen auf Dich warten. Sei also gespannt, fühl dich eingeladen und mach mit. Es lohnt sich!

entspanne dich in die angst


In this training, Avi Grinberg guides you how to stop investing energy in going against fear but rather relaxing into it. When the intensity of fear is brought into our daily lives, trying to block and avoid it, as much as being overwhelmed by it, might weaken us. One of the core concepts of the Grinberg Method is the work with fear. We learn to recognize and experience our efforts to avoid it, and then how to allow it to flow in our body in order for us to gain the energy it brings with it.

bewältige die angst, die dich umgibt


In this training, Avi Grinberg guides you how to stop investing energy in trying to avoid the fear that surrounds us and instead allow it to be, in us and in others. We'll then get the energy that fear brings with it and stop exhausting ourselves in trying to avoid what is natural for us. When the intensity of fear is brought into our daily lives, trying to block and avoid it, as much as being overwhelmed by it, might weaken us.  One of the core concepts of the Grinberg Method is the work with fear. We learn to recognize and experience our efforts to avoid it, and then how to allow it to flow in our body in order for us to gain the energy it brings with it.

Zurück zum Körper


In this training, Avi Grinberg guides you to come back to your body, to regain your strength. This is especially important in times of fear, stress and uncertainty, where we tend to be busy in our mind and forget our body, where our strength, imunity and will power are.

umgang mit unsicherheit


Accepting that, this training aims to lead you to be calm, confident, awake, attentive and present. This is the opposite of what uncertainty normally causes when you let it run through your mind. You will acheive this by focusing on experiencing uncertainty through your body. In times that uncertainty is strong, we feel that we lose our ground. But life is always uncertain - we can never predict the future. And our body knows how to deal with uncertainty, as it a natural state for every living creature. We try to deal with uncertainty through our mind, which normally only makes the situation worse, as we cannot solve it through our mind.

Verbinde dich mit deiner Kraft


This training guides you how to tap into the power and strength that is within you. In normal everyday life, we often relate to ourselves as a mind with a body; we pay attention from our mind, and we take our body to be "fixed" when we are not well. But our strength is in our body. And when we shift our attention to it, we can get its power.

erholsam schlafen


This training aims to achieve that state of peace. Sleep often eludes us when fear, worry, stress, uncertainty, impatience, nervousness and others become a constant in our life. And yet, sleep is crucial for our wellbeing and health. Our body, including our mind, eyes, breath should be calm so we are able to sink into sleep.

mache deine routinen spannender


The training shows how to do that with your daily routines, so you can bring freshness into them. You will see that this is a game you can keep playing for the rest of your life. Routines are done automatically. Our body becomes a machine and our mind wanders elsewhere. Each time we go into a routine, we lose our attention and we are not present in the moment. The more automatic the routine, the duller we become and the less we are fully alive. Through being our body, we can play with our routines, shake them, and add our attention to what we are doing. This will give us energy and we’ll become more present.

Tiefe Entspannung


In this training you will practice being passive; being there with a quiet mind, not doing anything, allowing your feelings to be, and reaching a state that allows you to relax deeply. If we don’t manage to rest and sleep well, we accumulate stress, which is harmful to our health. There are 5 obstacles to achieving deep relaxation; each one of them shows a degree of being too active.

• extra muscle tension

• restless mind

• inadequate breath not adjusted to the body’s needs

• unnecessary contraction

• repressing the body’s freedom to experience

To regenerate ourselves we need to manage to relax deeply and have a restful sleep. Pass these obstacles by letting go of what you do that is not needed, and you will be able to deeply relax.



In this training you will discover how trust is a physical experience. We were born with it, and we need to re-learn it or un-learn what taught us not to trust. Do you remember the experience of being simply confident, without reason? Confidence is part of our basic potential; this is what allows us to survive and constantly develop. Through life events, most of us grow up not trusting, losing the sense of “being okay” or “being enough”. We doubt ourselves in our mind, and we can find trust in our body.

Lass dich nicht von Einsamkeit schwächen


This training guides you to accept and experience loneliness and the sadness that comes with it, so that you can gain the silence and peace that comes with it. Feeling lonely, missing human warmth and touch, comes with sadness. This experience often appears to us as too much to handle. And so, we mostly try to disconnect from it. We do that already from a young age. Our body knows how to experience the feeling of being alone, and it is natural for it (us) to be, sometimes, sad. For the body, it is a kind of pain that just needs to be experienced; it doesn’t need to be cured or affected by understanding or behavior. When we deny our body the experience and the assimilation of the power that is in loneliness and sadness, our experience turns into suffering. When we do agree to it and experience it through our body, we find that sadness is the shortest road to a very deep silence, to love more, to see the beauty of life and to be at peace.

Kampf ums Überleben


The training focuses on how you can access the power and strength needed for survival, and how to train your attention to use them. This period is demanding us to have all our power, so we will survive and thrive through it. Our survival energy comes from our body. The power of it, allows us to do what we normally cannot – a parent saving a child from unexpected danger, braving situations that look impossible... It frightens us to be so powerful, so we normally move our attention to our heads and try to deal with situations through our mind. But our potent power is exactly what is needed now. We need to be at our best.

deine wahl für den Neubeginn


In this training you will practice how to stop the chains of the past and be full of energy, decisive, focused and clear, so you can use the magic that exists in a starting point, to actively head towards the life you want. New beginnings open new possibilities. But will you try to bring everything back to what you already know? Your mind will try to convince you that it is not possible to have a new start. But if you stop believing it, agree to be excited and a little bit afraid, you can join your full body power and choose to have a new beginning.

klare fokussierung und konzentration


With this training you can reach silence and relaxation of the head and the eyes. Through this you can regain your clarity and the ability to focus and concentrate.  In challenging life situations we might find oursleves in a state of attention that is mental stupor. In it we live in a fog. We then miss clarity, find it difficult to concentrate, feel disconnected and loose our focus. These are qualities we need to cope succesfully with challenges. 

raus aus der falle


In this training you can experience the transition from being a victim of your pitfalls to an adveturer who learns and gains from them. Falling into our pitfalls is our way to avoid experiencing unpleasant experiences. We then disconnect - from reality, from our body - losing our care and well-being. Our body strives to be well at all times and can achieve that if we give it the chance. When we learn the state of “falling”, we can also learn to stop it and feel what’s hidden behind it. And when we agree to experience that, our body will use the energy that comes with it to get well.

Heilung in deine Beziehungen bringen


This training shows you how to actively make that possible, so you can keep your relationships strong and well. There are moments in life in which the worst in us appears in our close relationships. We can change that by taking responsibility for our behavior. How? When we allow an experience to be in the body, we can stop ourselves from acting out in our routine way. This will immediately make us more compassionate. It requires us to take ourselves less seriously and let go of our self-righteousness. With that, we will create healthy relationship with more harmony and laughter around us.

vom Verurteilen zur Akzeptanz


The training focuses on how to transform the energy that is invested in blaming and complaining into a constructive one. When something does not go the way we expected, wanted or planned, it triggers in us the habit of complaining and blaming. This does not improve anything. On the contrary, it has bad side effects for us and for those around us. Even worse, while we invest our energy and attention in that, we have less enery and attention available to handle the situation. If we agree to the present, to what is; if we are ready to experience through our body the fear, pain, sadness and everything else that the present provokes in us, then we can have access to the power of our will, passion and love. This will allow us to adapt and find our new way to have what we want.

mut zur liebe


This training aims for you to allow your love to life to return into your body, experience and life. If, for some reason, we lose our love of life, the world loses its colors for us. Your love for life might be hidden, but as long as you breath, it's still there. When we open our hearts and love, we can balance the pain, fear, uncertainty and everything else that made us close our hearts and shy away from love.